The 70-247: Configuring & Deploying a Private Cloud w/System Center 2012 online training course describes private cloud configuration and deployment with Microsoft System Center 2012.

Course Instructor: Doug Bassett

Course Outline

01. Design and Deploy System Center

  • Design a scalable System Center architecture
  • Install the System Center infrastructure
  • Upgrade System Center components

02. Configure System Center Infrastructure

  • Configure System Center components
  • Configure portals and dashboards

03. Configure the Fabric

  • Configure the storage fabric
  • Configure the network fabric
  • Configure and manage the deployment and update servers
  • Configure clouds and cirtualization hosts

04. Configure System Center Integration

  • Configure private cloud integration
  • Configure integration of private and public clouds

05. Configure and Deploy Virtual Machines and Services

  • Configure profiles
  • Create and configure Server App-V packages
  • Configure and deploy a service
  • Update a service

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • Produce a high-level design that accounts for requirements for the private cloud environment
  • Configure and deploy the application fabric
  • Configure a PXE server, an update server, and a software update baseline
  • Configure Microsoft Server Application Virtualization (App-V) so that it can be used to sequence and deploy an application virtually
  • Build the core components necessary for delivering services on the fabric
  • Allocate resources to the private cloud and grant access to the private cloud
  • Understand how to monitor the private cloud using Operations Manager
  • Understand the tools necessary to extend and customize Operations Manager for a private cloud environment
  • Set up, configure, and integrate the core components of Service Manager into the private cloud fabric
  • Configure a service catalog, and then publish it to the Self-Service Portal
  • Gain the knowledge necessary to deploy and configure DPM in a private cloud
  • Deploy and configure Microsoft System Center 2012 – Orchestrator in a private cloud, and then integrate it with other System Center 2012 components
  • Understand appropriate command-Line, PowerShell and applicable management shell commands