In this instructor-led, online training course, students will be given the knowledge and skills to develop a Microsoft SQL Server database. The course focuses on teaching individuals how to use SQL Server product features and tools related to developing a database.

Exam Number: 70-762

Course Instructor: Doug Perez

Course Outline

  • Introduction to database development
  • Designing and implementing tables
  • Advanced table designs
  • Ensuring data integrity through constraints
  • Introduction to Indexes
  • Designing optimized Index strategies
  • Columnstore Indexes
  • Designing and implementing Views
  • Designing and implementing stored procedures
  • Designing and implementing user-defined functions
  • Responding to data manipulation via Triggers
  • Using in-memory tables
  • Implementing managed code in SQL Server
  • Storing and querying XML data in SQL Server
  • Storing and querying spatial data in SQL Server
  • Storing and querying BLOBs and text documents in SQL Server
  • Performance and monitoring

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • Design and implement tables.
  • Advanced table designs.
  • Ensure data integrity through constraints.
  • Indexes, including optimized and column store indexes.
  • Design and implement views.
  • Design and implement stored procedures.
  • Design and implement user-defined functions.
  • Respond to data manipulation using triggers.
  • Design and implement in-memory tables.
  • Implement managed code in SQL Server.
  • Store and query XML data.
  • Work with spatial data.
  • Store and query BLOBs and text documents