Microsoft 365 Delve Beginner

Overview Delve is a new app included in Microsoft 365. In this course, students will gain a basic un [...]

Microsoft 365 Delve Beginner2022-01-05T01:49:49-06:00

Excel 365 VBA

Overview This course will teach students proper Visual Basic programming techniques along with an un [...]

Excel 365 VBA2022-01-05T01:49:52-06:00

Excel 365 Advanced

Overview This course will teach students advanced concepts and formulas in Microsoft Excel 365. Stud [...]

Excel 365 Advanced2022-01-05T01:49:52-06:00

Excel 365 Intermediate

Overview In this course, students will learn how to link workbooks and worksheets, work with range n [...]

Excel 365 Intermediate2022-01-05T01:49:53-06:00

Excel 365 Beginner

Overview Microsoft Excel is one of the major workhorses in the Microsoft Office suite of application [...]

Excel 365 Beginner2022-01-05T01:49:54-06:00

Access 2019 Advanced

Overview Access 2019 Advanced will further build upon the topics covered in the Access 2019 Introduc [...]

Access 2019 Advanced2022-01-05T01:49:55-06:00

Access 2019 Intermediate

Overview This course is designed to teach students intermediate level skills in Microsoft Access 201 [...]

Access 2019 Intermediate2022-01-05T01:49:56-06:00

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