Key Features of Classic Courses Library:

1-      Pre-Recorded Lectures/Classes:

Pre-recorded IT courses, our courses are divided into small chunks, (2 minutes, 5 minutes, or maximum minutes, this make it easy to complete our courses in small sittings even if you have 10 to 15 minutes, you would be still able to complete something.

2-      Bookmarking System:

As our IT courses are divided into small chunks, whatever you would complete in small sitting, the system has the ability to bookmark that, this feature helps a lot when you are short on time and have multiple tasks to complete, “You can leave training and take care of what you need to take on urgent basis & whenever you would revisit your training, you would be able to launch the courses from exact same place where you left”. 

3-      Certified IT Courses by Certified Trainers:

All of the trainers are from IT Industry itself working as IT manager or director with 10 to 15 years of experience & certified trainers “You Get Trained by IT professionals”  

4-      Courses Completion Certificate:

Upon completing any course, the student can download and print a Course Completion Certificate by himself, a recognition from TOIT to make your resume better. Student’s name, the course is taken, passing grade along with CEU/PDU would be mentioned on the certificate.  NOTE: This certificate cannot be considered a certification. 

5-      PDF Workbooks:

Before you start taking courses, students can always download & print PDF workbooks & students can use these workbooks for practice or reference for a later time even if your license is expired you still have something to refer back to. 

6-      Account Admin Access to Monitor & Track Team’s Performance:

Account’s admin access allows you to keep a close eye on your team’s progress, you can see when someone is logging in & logging out, how much time they are spending in system & doing training, what courses are taken & completed, what courses are in progress, %age of completion of the courses in progress etc. 

7-      Reporting to Review Team’s Performance:

You can download and print numerous reports in different formats (Excel, PDF, Word) to visualize the preference of each team member by their name in order to make sure your team is making good use of the investment you did.

8-      Course Introduction Video:

Most of our courses come with this unique feature, before you start taking the course you can watch a 2 to 3 minutes long video & get idea what you would be learning & if that match with your current needs, this feature helps to do a NEED-BASE training, not just training.

9-      Post Test/Review Quizzes:

Once a student completes the course, the student would be able to take an exam to understand what he learned after taking training, students can repeat the exams unlimited times in order to make his grading better.

10-   Ability to Repeat/Retake classes unlimited times:

The system does allow to repeat all courses UNLIMITED times, this feature helps the student to use our courses as a reference tool (check-in & check-out system) & take better knowledge.  

11-   PDU/CEU’s:

Most of our courses come with CEU/PDU if the student has taken a course that has PDU/CEU this information will be displayed on his course completion certificate.   

12-   95% Success Rate:

Normally our students when they go for certification exams, our success ratio is 95% however in order to get this kind of success & percentage students are requested to follow the procedure (complete all modules, download PDF workbooks, get a course completion certificate, pass the course completion test and go to the exam with 30 to 90 days     

13-   No Schedule:

Follow your own schedule, take training at your own pace, whenever, wherever you are. You do not need to follow any schedule from our side, as you go! 

14-   Use your iPhone/iPad to take training:

Courses run on all Mobile devices you can use iPhone, android, iPad, or tablet to take our IT courses. Take training on your go!   

15-   Course Review lecture:

80% of our courses are equipped with this feature and this allow the students to take full course review lecture once the course is completed, revise everything once again before taking course end exam & make your grading better.

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