Business Skills Training Catalog – Digital Security Awareness Training for Business and Home Users Online Training Series!

Overview: The Digital Security Awareness course series is designed to give all information professionals the knowledge and tools to protect themselves and the sensitive information they use from security attacks. It covers many simple ways to prevent security breaches and protect valuable data.

Series Taught By: Ken Mayer

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 8
Students can earn up to 8 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion.Learn More

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Course Modules

(Duration: 14m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Course Overview
  3. What is Security Awareness?
  4. Security Domains
  5. What is Security?
  6. Are You at Risk?
  7. So What About You?
  8. What are the Goals of this Course?
  9. What Will We Cover?
  10. Surprise!
  11. Is it Too Late?
  12. Module 01 Review
  13. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 29m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Types of Security Threats
  3. Your Computer
  4. Your Internet
  5. Yourself
  6. Your Words
  7. Your E-mail
  8. Your Home
  9. Your Files
  10. Module 02 Review
  11. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 30m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Social Engineering
  3. What is Social Engineering?
  4. Social Engineering Defense
  5. Manipulation
  6. Why Does it Work?
  7. Fooling People
  8. What Else Can Be Done?
  9. Personal Precautions
  10. Module 03 Review Surprise!
  11. Is it Too Late?
  12. Module 01 Review
  13. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 29m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Identity Theft
  3. What is Identity Theft?
  4. How Does it Happen?
  5. How to Defend Yourself
  6. What Criminals Do with Your Information
  7. How Can You Tell if You’re a Victim?
  8. Actions to Take if You are a Victim
  9. Contact Information
  10. Module 04 Review
  11. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 30m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Data Classification
  3. Policies for Data Sharing
  4. Least Privilege
  5. How to Classify
  6. Types of Classifications
  7. Jurisdictional Issues
  8. Your Involvement
  9. What Could Happen?
  10. What Type of Policies?
  11. How to Destroy Data
  12. Module 04 Review
  13. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 46m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Protecting Your Digital Information
  3. Why Do a Backup?
  4. Types of Backups
  5. What to Backup
  6. Where to Store Backups
  7. How to Perform Backups
  8. Demo- Backups
  9. Backup Utilities
  10. Backup Management Practices
  11. Passwords
  12. Demo- Password Management
  13. Password Management
  14. AAA
  15. Module 06 Review
  16. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 45m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Malware
  3. Basic Definitions
  4. What to Look For
  5. How You Can Get Infected
  6. Software Detection
  7. Hardware Detection
  8. Cloud Detection
  9. Know the Extensions
  10. Demo- Knowing Your Extensions
  11. Your Defenses
  12. Module 07 Review
  13. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 1h 15m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Security from End-to-End
  3. Physical Security
  4. Home/Workstation Security
  5. Encryption
  6. Demo- EFS
  7. Hand Held Electronics
  8. Workstation Software
  9. Updating the OS and Software
  10. Secure E-mail Use
  11. E-mail Encryption
  12. E-mail Hazards
  13. How to Stop SPAM E-mail Attachments
  14. Other E-mail Warnings
  15. What if You Get Malware from E-mail?
  16. How to Avoid SPAM
  17. Secure Web Browsing
  18. Demo- Secure Web Browsing
  19. Secure Instant Messaging / Social Sites
  20. Module 08 Review
  21. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 16m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Piracy
  3. What is Intellectual Property
  4. Copyrights
  5. Software Piracy
  6. Types of Piracy
  7. Risks
  8. Module 09 Review
  9. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 18m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Security Policies
  3. Why are Policies Important
  4. Defining an Incident
  5. Response Teams
  6. Response Checklist
  7. Module 10 Review
  8. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

(Duration: 13m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Moving Forward
  3. Education and Awareness
  4. Individuals
  5. Organizations
  6. Know the Principles of Security Domains
  7. Module 11 Review
  8. Course Closure
  9. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

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