Excel For Mac Basics

Learn How To Use This Office Powertool on Your Mac

Instructor : Barbara Evers

Get Started with Microsoft Excel -The Most Useful Software Ever Created
Excel can do almost anything – crunch numbers, create lists, store data, edit budgets, and more. In this basics course we’ll show you how to get started with Excel on a Mac, including using the most popular features.

Objectives – you will be able to:

  • Enter Data
  • Use Formulas and Functions
  • Create and Use Relative, Absolute, and Worksheet references
  • Modify Cells, Columns, and Rows
  • Use Find and Replace
  • Apply Text Formatting and Number Formats
  • Use Styles and Themes
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Create Templates
  • Setup Page Layout
  • Use Custom Views

Course Length

Lessons : 18
Seat Time : 160 minutes

Lessons Include:

01: Getting Started with Excel (10:56)
02: Excel for Max VS Excel for PC (2:50)
03: Data Entry Shortcuts (7:18)
04: Using Formulas and Functions (10:37)
05: Copying Formulas and Functions (5:35)
06: Using Relative Absolute, and Worksheet Reference Formulas (7:33)
07: Modifying Cells, Columns, and Rows (6:54)
08: Search and Replace and Spellcheck (5:57)
09: Applying Text Formatting (12:50)
10: Number Formats and Cell Alignment (11:00)
11: Styles and Themes (3:26)
12: Applying Conditional Formatting (6:31)
13: Creating a Template (3:51)
14: Preview a WorkBook (5:09)
15: Setting Page Layout and Printing a Workbook, Part 1 (5:34)
16: Setting Page Layout and Printing a Workbook, Part 2 (9:10)
17: Working with WorkSheets (5:05)
18: Using Custom Views (5:04)

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