Excel: Intro to Power Pivot

Organizing A Lot of Data? This is The Power Tool You Need

Instructor : Barbara Evers

Learn How To Transform Excel Into Your Big Data Power Tool
Power Pivot is an Excel add-in you can use to perform powerful data analysis and create sophisticated data models. With Power Pivot, you can mash up large volumes of data from various sources, perform information analysis rapidly, and share insights easily.

In this course we’ll show you everything you need to know in order to install and start using Power Pivot in Excel. We strongly recommend you take our “Mastering Excel” courses before you proceed with Power Pivot, unless you are already comfortable with advanced Excel topics including basic PivotTables.

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Enable the Power Pivot add-in and navigate its interface
  • Manage Data Relationships
  • Create a Power Pivot Report
  • Create calculations in Power Pivot
  • Create a Key Performance Indicator
  • Work with dates and time in Power Pivot

Course Length

Lessons : 7
Seat Time : 60 Minutes

Lessons Include:

01: Enable and Navigate Power Pivot (5:57)
02: Managing Data Relationships (10:54)
03: Creating a Power Pivot Report (11:43)
04: Creating Calculations in Power Pivot (8:19)
05: Creating Key Performance Indicators (5:41)
06: Creating a Date Table (6:33)
07: Working with Dates and Time (11:20)

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