Gmail Essentials

Power Your Gmail Account — Get The Maximum Benefit From All The Tools Gmail Has To Offer

Instructor : Dr. Chris Craft

Gmail Is One Of The Most Often Used, Under-Utilized Applications In The World. This Course Will Change The Way You Use Your Gmail Account — Guaranteed!

Manage Your Security and Privacy Settings
Seamlessly Integrate Your Gmail Account With Other Google Apps For Business

With Gmail, Google provides unprecedented and inexpensive access to business tools that previously cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This course shows users how to use tools like Inbox Pause, HelloSign, Boomerang, Google Calendars, Google Contacts, and more to optimize the way you communicate and plan.

In Gmail There Are Dozens Of Tools, Features, Filters, And Flags That Are Never Opened – And This Course Is Your Key To Unlocking Them

  • Archive vs Delete
  • The Gmail Interface
  • Searching
  • Working Offline
  • Labels vs Folders
  • Using Filters
  • Options & Settings
  • Privacy & Security
  • Google Labs
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Inbox Pause, HelloSign, and Boomerang
  • Google Takeout

You don’t have to keep ignoring all those buttons, tags, and features that you don’t know how to use. This course clearly defines what each button or feature does, and explains how to employ them to make your experience more efficient, comfortable, and productive. From “Taming Your Inbox” to managing files, folders, and even connecting gadgets and mobile devices and importing or exporting contacts and merging lists. Things you never realized Gmail could do — it’s all here.

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Demonstrate use of the Gmail interface
  • Compare and contrast labels and folders
  • Describe how to add and use Inbox Pause, HelloSign, and Boomerang in Gmail

Course Length

Lessons : 14
Seat Time : 130 Minutes

Lessons Include:

01: Intro (11:47)
02: The Gmail Interface (9:37)
03: Gmail Interface Part 2, Search (6:24)
04: Labels vs. Folders (10:51)
05: Filters (12:36)
06: Google Apps Options (13:21)
07: Sending Emails (11:24)
08: Misc Email Questions (8:12)
09: Email Settings (14:46)
10: Labs (6:19)
11: Contacts (7:01)
12: Inbox Pause & HelloSign (8:16)
13: Boomerang (11:00)
14: Questions (6:57)

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