This hands-on training course gives you the skills to deliver virtual desktops and applications through a single virtual desktop infrastructure platform. This course builds your skills in installing, configuring, and managing VMware Horizon® 7. You learn how to configure and deploy pools of virtual machines, how to manage the access and security of the machines, and how to provide a customized desktop environment to end users.

Course Instructor: Jacob Bagwell

Course Outline

01. Introduction & Foundational Knowledge

  • What is VDI
  • Relate to Horizon
  • Necessary/Useful Skills

02. Horizon Infrastructure

  • What is Horizon
  • What do each pieces do
  • Why do I need them
  • Design

03. Base Horizon Install

  • Preparing Environment
  • Install Horizon Components
  • Configure Horizon Components
  • Troubleshooting deployment

04. Desktop Images

  • Build Images
  • Updating Images


06. Create and Configure Pools

  • Configure Pools
  • Manage Pools

07. Configure and Manage Identity Manager

  • What is Identity Manager
  • Install and Configure VIDM
  • Manage VIDM

08. Configure and Manage User Environment Manager

  • What is UEM
  • Install and Configure UEM
  • Profiling Applications
  • Troubleshooting Deployment

09. Configure and Manage App Volumes

  • What is App Volumes
  • Install and Configure AVM
  • Packaging Applications
  • Managing AVM
  • Troubleshooting Deployment

10. Troubleshooting VDI

  • Tools
  • Logs
  • Troubleshooting Examples

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • Identify VMware Horizon components
  • Install and configure View Connection Server
  • Install and configure virtual desktops
  • Configure and manage VMware Horizon® ClientTM systems
  • Configure and manage pools of physical and virtual machines
  • Configure and manage automated pools of full virtual machines
  • Configure and manage pools of linked-clone desktops
  • Configure and manage automated pools of instant clones
  • Configure and manage Remote Desktop Services (RDS) pools of desktops and applications
  • Use Horizon Administrator to configure the VMware Horizon environment
  • Configure secure access to virtual desktops
  • Use VMware User Environment Manager™ to manage user personalization and application configurations
  • Describe steps to deploy profile management
  • Use VMware App Volumes™ to provision and manage applications
  • Identify the benefits of JMP architecture
  • Manage the performance and scalability of a VMware Horizon deployment