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Overview: This course covers the basics of legal concepts. Students will learn about courts, crime, controversy, law and crime, state courts, the arrest to arraignment process, trials and juries, appellate courts, and legal terminology.

Series Taught By: Nichole Hoskins Goudreau

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 7
Students can earn up to 7 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion.Learn More

Course Modules:

Module 01 – Legal Secretary Introduction

(Duration: 19m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Legal Secretary Introduction
  3. Legal Secretary
  4. Potential Careers
  5. Legal Secretary Job Functions
  6. Required Traits
  7. Demo – Legal Secretary Resume
  8. Employment Outlook
  9. Lesson 01 Review
  10. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 02 – Courts, Crime, and Controversy

(Duration: 1h 2m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Courts, Crime, and Controversy
  3. The Courts and the Criminal Justice System
  4. U.S. Courts
  5. A Typical Courthouse
  6. A Typical Courtroom
  7. The Jury Box
  8. U.S. Supreme Court
  9. U.S. Supreme Court Interior
  10. Trial Courts
  11. Appellate Courts
  12. U.S. Supreme Court (Cont.)
  13. Actors in the Courthouse
  14. Prosecutors
  15. Defense Attorneys
  16. Judges
  17. Criminal vs Civil Court Cases
  18. The Steps in the Criminal Judicial Process
  19. The Steps in a Typical Felony Prosecution
  20. Crime
  21. Arrest
  22. Initial Appearance
  23. Bail
  24. Grand Jury
  25. Demo – Sample Entry of Appearance
  26. Preliminary Hearing
  27. Arraignment
  28. Discovery
  29. Pretrial Motions
  30. Plea Negotiations
  31. Trial
  32. Demo- Sample Plea Agreement
  33. Sentencing
  34. Appeal
  35. Law on the Books and Law in Action
  36. Law on the Books
  37. Law in Action
  38. The Crime Control Model and the Due Process Model
  39. Crime Control vs. Due Process
  40. The Crime Control Model
  41. The Due Process Model
  42. Lesson 02 Review
  43. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 03 – Law and Crime

(Duration: 55m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Law and Crime
  3. The Basis of American Law
  4. Common Law Heritage
  5. The Casey Anthony Case
  6. Common Law Heritage (Cont.)
  7. Multiple Sources of Law
  8. Judge-Made Law
  9. Based on Precedent
  10. Case Reporters
  11. Federal Reporter Names
  12. Sample State Reporters
  13. Reporter Map
  14. How to Read Legal Citations
  15. Sample Citation
  16. Another Example
  17. Actual Case, 9th Circuit, 2006
  18. Demo- Reading Legal Citations
  19. Sources of American Law
  20. Constitutions
  21. Codes or Statutes
  22. Administrative Rules and Regulations
  23. Judge-Made Law (Cont.)
  24. The Adversary System
  25. Adversary System Safeguards
  26. Levels of “Proof”
  27. Presumptions and Inferences
  28. Burden of Proof
  29. Rights of the Accused
  30. Due Process
  31. Criminal Procedure Amendments
  32. Bill of Rights
  33. Types of Civil Disputes
  34. Civil Remedy
  35. Civil Remedies for Fighting Crime
  36. Types of Injunctions
  37. Criminal Law Overview
  38. Differences Between Civil and Criminal Law
  39. The Five Elements of a Crime
  40. Elements Stated in Lay Terms
  41. Criminal Defenses
  42. Delinquency
  43. Characteristics of the Most Common Serious Crimes
  44. Characteristics of the Most Serious Crimes
  45. Lesson 03 Review
  46. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 04 – State Courts

(Duration: 1h 9m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. State Courts
  3. State Courts Today
  4. History of State Courts
  5. Four Layers of Typical State Courts
  6. Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
  7. Lower Courts
  8. Demo- Sample Search Warrant
  9. Trial Courts of General Jurisdiction
  10. Intermediate Court of Appeals
  11. Courts of Last Resort
  12. State Supreme Courts
  13. Lesson 04 Review
  14. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 05 – Arrest to Arraignment

(Duration: 1h 06m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Arrest to Arraignment
  3. Crime
  4. A Comparison of Type I and Type II UCR Offenses
  5. Crime (Cont.)
  6. Arrest
  7. Clearance Rates for UCR Type I Offenses
  8. Arrest (Cont.)
  9. Arrest Facts
  10. Initial Appearance
  11. Charging
  12. Charging Documents
  13. Charging- Law On The Books
  14. Charging- Law In Action
  15. Charging Tactics
  16. Bail
  17. Bail- Law On The Books
  18. Demo- Bail Bond Agreement
  19. Bail- Law In Action
  20. Forms of Bail
  21. Effects Of The Bail System
  22. Bench Warrants
  23. Bail- Case Disposition
  24. Preventive Detention
  25. Bail Agents and Bounty Hunters
  26. Preliminary Hearing
  27. Preliminary Hearing- Law On The Books
  28. Grand Jury
  29. Variability in State Use of Grand Juries
  30. Grand Jury- Law On The Books
  31. Grand Jury- Details
  32. Arraignment
  33. Lesson 05 Review
  34. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 06 – Trials and Juries

(Duration: 48m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Trials and Juries
  3. History of Trials by Jury
  4. The Jury
  5. Law on the Books: The Constitution and Trial by Jury
  6. State Provisions on the Size of Criminal Juries
  7. Law on the Books: The Constitution and Trial by Jury (Cont.)
  8. Law on the Books: Selecting a Fair and Unbiased Jury
  9. Master Jury List
  10. Summoning the Venire
  11. Venire Eligibility
  12. Voir Dire- “Speak the Truth”
  13. Demo- Voir Dire
  14. Serving On A Jury
  15. Law in Action: Choosing a Jury Biased in Your Favor
  16. Presumptions and the Burden of Proof
  17. Overview of Basic Evidence
  18. Types of Evidence
  19. Overview of Basic Evidence (Cont.)
  20. Objections to the Admission of Evidence
  21. Overview of Basic Evidence (Cont..)
  22. Steps In The Trial Process
  23. Opening Statements
  24. Prosecution’s Case In Chief
  25. Defense Goals
  26. Defense’s Case in Chief
  27. The Defense Presents Its Case
  28. Prosecution Rebuttal
  29. Closing Arguments
  30. Jury Instructions
  31. Jury Deliberations
  32. Demo- Jury Instruction
  33. The Verdict
  34. Post-Verdict Motions
  35. Lesson 06 Review
  36. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 07 – Appellate Courts

(Duration: 1h 06m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Appellate Courts
  3. Nature of the Appellate Process
  4. Limitations on the Right to Appellate Review
  5. Standard of Review
  6. Appellate Court Procedures
  7. Demo – Notice of Appeal
  8. Demo – Sample Double Jeopardy Motion
  9. Appellate Court Procedures (Cont.)
  10. Criminal Appeals
  11. Post-Conviction Review
  12. State Supreme Courts
  13. The U.S. Supreme Court and Criminal Justice Policy
  14. Lesson 07 Review
  15. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 08 – Legal Terminology

(Duration: 34m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Legal Terminology
  3. Demo – The Online Legal Dictionary
  4. Contract Terms
  5. Sample Contract
  6. Covenants
  7. Conditions
  8. The “Reasonable Man” Doctrine
  9. Reasonable – Courts Decide
  10. Material
  11. Timing – Prompt or Reasonable
  12. Time is of the Essence
  13. Small But Critical Words
  14. Represent – Warrant
  15. Demo – Sample Contract
  16. Breach – Material Breach
  17. Damages
  18. Compensatory Damages
  19. Punitive Damages
  20. Nominal Damages
  21. Direct – Consequential
  22. Negligence
  23. Subrogation
  24. Jurisdiction – Venue
  25. Choice of Law
  26. Injunction
  27. Termination Clause
  28. Implied or Expressed Waiver
  29. More Quick Terms
  30. Lesson 08 Review
  31. Course Closure
  32. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

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