This online instructor led training course provides the knowledge and skills to utilize OpenShift, an on-premises platform as a service built around Docker containers orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes on a foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In this course students will learn key topics including the Containers, Container architecture, Container lifecycles, manipulating Container Images, custom Container Images with Dockerfiles, creating applications with Source-to-Image, and more.

Course Instructor: David Lewis

Course Outline

01. Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift

  • Container Overview
  • Container Architecture
  • Container Orchestration

02. Containerized Services

  • Intro
  • Provisioning Containerized Services
  • Create a MySQL Container

03. Managing containers

  • Intro
  • Container Lifecycles
  • Persistent Storage
  • Container networking

04. Managing Container images

  • Intro
  • Accessing to Registries
  • Manipulating Container Images

05. Creating Custom Container Images

  • Intro
  • Designing Custom Container Images
  • Building Custom Container Images with Dockerfiles

06. Deploying Containerized Applications on OpenShift

  • Intro
  • Describing Kubernetes and OpenShift Architecture
  • Creating Kubernetes Resources
  • Creating Routes
  • Creating Applications with Source-to-Image
  • Creating Applications with the Openshift Web Console
  • Chapter lab

07. Deploying Multi-container applications

Considerations for Multi-container Applications

Deploying a Multi-container Application on OpenShift

Chapter lab

08. Troubleshooting Containerized Applications

Troubleshooting S2I builds and Deployments

Troubleshooting Containerized Applications

Lab: Troubleshooting Containerized Applications

    Skills Learned

    After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

    • Describe Containers and their architecture
    • Manage Containers
    • Create Container Images
    • Deploy Containerized applications
    • Create Kubernetes resources and OpenShift architecture