Leading Engaging Zoom Meetings

Learn to start, join, participate, and share in Zoom Meetings

Instructors: Robin Roberts and Teisha Houston

Target Audience: Business professionals who run virtual meetings on Zoom and want to lead energized meetings, host meetings that attendees enjoy, and learn key tools of Zoom

Course Goal: By the end of this course you will be able to use the tools of Zoom to create a more engaging and effective Zoom meeting.


  • Identify the appropriate settings for engaging meetings.
  • Share a presentation from a desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  • Use the Whiteboard to promote attendee participation and community outcomes.
  • Poll your attendees to encourage active participation and elicit feedback.
  • Assign attendees to breakout rooms for small-group collaboration and discussion and then communicate with or visit the rooms.
  • Create a fun, engaging, and effective virtual meeting environment.

Maximize your meetings with Zoom

The future is here and meeting virtually will be used more and more, especially as people find better ways, like Zoom, to keep meeting interesting and engaging. Meeting virtually doesn’t have to be boring talking heads on a screen! If you know how to use the tools Zoom provides, you can lead engaging meetings where everyone can participate.

This course takes you through the settings you’ll need to begin and the basics for sharing your screen. You will learn about creating, using, and saving whiteboards for future reference and using polls and annotation to elicit feedback. Then it moves into more complex meeting structures like breakout rooms for small groups to collaborate – that you can visit and communicate with. It ends with guidelines, exercises, and games that be used virtually to heighten interest, participation and engagement.

This course contains the basics and more, including:

  • Establish the appropriate settings for engaging meetings.
  • Sharing a presentation from a desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  • How to use and navigate the whiteboard and save it for future reference and learn how to use it in breakout rooms.
  • Explaining annotation and encouraging learners to use it.
  • How to create, launch, and share a poll then generate a report on the results.
  • Assigning breakout rooms, set options, and communicate with them.
  • Guidelines, exercises, and games that can heighten engagement.

Course Length

Lessons : 10
Seat Time : 63 minutes

Course Contents
1 Introduction (2:09)
2 Setting Up for Success (6:56)
3 Sharing the Screen (7:02)
4 Using the Whiteboard (5:37)
5 Using Annotation (4:40)
6 Create a Poll (8:14)
7 Assigning Breakout Rooms (11:17)
8 How to Use the Whiteboard in Breakout Rooms (6:10)
9 Managing Breakout Rooms (4:59)
10 Best Practices (6:37)

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