Learning Excel 2019 – Advanced (TOSA)

There are two kinds of people: Those who are masters at Excel 2019 or Excel 365, and those who wish they were

Target Audience: People who have a working knowledge of Excel 2019 or Excel 365, but want to use more complex functions and features to analyze data. By the end of this course, you will feel empowered to use Excel’s most advanced features to create professional, secure, and accurate workbooks in Excel 2019 or Excel 365.

Instructor: Kathy Jones

• Create and use named ranges
• Insert functions into spreadsheets including: Date and Time functions, Conditional functions, Database functions, Lookup functions, and Subtotals
• Perform custom and advanced filtering
• Apply advanced charting tools and create a chart template
• Create a Pivot Table and apply advanced Pivot Table features, as well as filter data using Slicers and Timelines
• Use multiple worksheets and workbooks to track, retrieve, consolidate and report on data using features like cell links and Consolidate
• Collaborate with others using Co-Authoring and Compare and Merge
• Prepare a document for sharing by adding a digital signature, as well as use multiple ways to protect your worksheets and workbooks from changes
• Keep your data consistent and accurate with Data Validation and automate tasks with Macros
• Provide quick and easy access to navigate, modify, and enter data using Forms and Form Controls

There are two kinds of people: Those who are masters at Excel 2019 or Excel 365, and those who wish they were
When you master Excel 2019 or Excel 365, you have one of the most practical and valuable skillsets in modern business. A spreadsheet guru can work wonders—from organizing lists; to creating multi-layered, interactive reports; to answering critical business questions like ROI, budget allocations, expense tracking, and more.

This course will get you one step closer to becoming an expert at using Excel 2019. The material is aligned with the Level 4 Advanced TOSA Certification.

Topics covered include:
• Using Named Ranges
• Inserting advanced functions (Date, Time, Conditional, Database, Lookup)
• Applying advanced filtering
• Using advanced chart features
• Inserting and modifying graphics
• Creating PivotTables and using advanced PivotTable features
• Creating internal and external links
• Using Paste Special
• Consolidating data
• Co-authoring and using Compare and Merge
• Adding Digital Signatures
• Protecting workbooks and worksheets
• Using Data Validation
• Using Goal Seek
• Inserting symbols and characters
• Working with Forms

Course Length

Lessons : 55
Seat Time : 5 Hours 35 Minutes

Working with Functions
Using AutoFill 7:36
Copying Formulas and Functions 7:09
Using Named Ranges, Part 1 5:00
Using Named Ranges, Part 2 5:25
Using Named Ranges, Part 3 5:08
Working with Date Functions, Part 1 8:55
Working with Date Functions, Part 2 4:17
Working with Date Functions, Part 3 3:37
Working with Time Functions 5:29
Working with Conditional Functions 7:33
Multiple Criteria Functions 5:03
Working with Lists
Filtering Data, Part 1 7:11
Filtering Data, Part 2 7:55
Querying with Database Functions 6:55
Using the Subtotal Function 4:28
Using the Subtotal Feature 6:12
Visualizing Data with Charts
Using Advanced Chart Features 4:29
Applying Trendlines 4:35
Creating a Chart Template 3:27
Inserting Graphics
Inserting Graphics 8:41
Modifying Graphics, Part 1 5:40
Modifying Graphics, Part 2 6:12
Using PivotTables and Slicers
Creating a PivotTable 11:31
Summarizing Data in a PivotTable 8:00
Grouping Data in a PivotTable 6:15
Formatting a PivotTable 6:56
Selecting and Moving PivotTables 3:15
Changing PivotTable Options 8:07
Adding Calculated Fields 2:03
Using Slicers 7:26
Using Timeline Slicers 1:44
Linking and Consolidating
Creating Internal Links 4:08
Creating External Links 9:00
Using Paste Special 5:50
Consolidating Data 6:56
Sharing and Protecting
Co-Authoring, Part 1 6:12
Co-Authoring, Part 2 4:44
Using Compare and Merge 3:04
Adding Digital Signatures 5:55
Protecting Worksheets 10:33
Protecting Workbook Structure 3:01
Protecting a Workbook File 7:08
Applying Data Validation 7:18
Adding a Dropdown List 4:56
Customizing Data Validation 5:18
Recording a Macro 8:08
Running a Macro 5:32
Editing a Macro 8:27
Using Lookup Functions
Using VLOOKUP, Part 1 5:40
Using VLOOKUP, Part 2 5:14
More Lookup Functions 9:44
Using Array Formulas 6:00
Using Goal Seek 3:30
Inserting Symbols and Characters 2:32
Working with Forms 9:54

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