Let Them Know You’re Listening

Send the message that you are listening to understand

Instructors: Amesha McElveen and Alexandria Bagwell

By the end of this course, you will be able to explain how to use empathy to become a better, more active listener.

• Describe why it’s easy to not listen and why it’s important to work at being a good, active listener
• Convey that you are listening using short statements (verbal cues) and body language
• Seek agreement and understanding using a simple clarifying statement formula
• Build trust by providing a safe and distraction-free listening environment
• Use appropriate questions to understand the speaker’s message
• Focus on the speaker by paying attention to body language
• Express empathy and provide input to help the speaker better understand their situation

Show that you are actively listening by using empathy
You have probably heard empathy described as “feeling someone’s pain”, but what if that is not helpful or possible? Empathy is an important skill to improve your active listening and make those around you feel heard. In this course, you will learn to empathize with those around you by noticing their body language, voice tone, and words.

By the end of this course, you will be able to explain and practice empathy by noticing body language, voice, and tone. You will learn to communicate an awareness of what someone else is feeling and be a better active listener using empathy.
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Course Length

Lessons : 5
Seat Time : 17 Minutes

Lessons Include:

01: What is empathy? (3:32)
02: Empathy and emotional intelligence (3:25)
03: Identifying the emotions of others (3:54)
04: Communicating empathy (2:22)
05: Empathy in the digital age (3:56)

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