Mastering PowerPoint 2019 – Advanced

Learn advanced features to get the most out of PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365

Target Audience: Business professionals who already use PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365 but want to get more out of its advanced features. By the end of this course, you will be able to use PowerPoint’s more advanced features to impress your audience and get the most out of PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365.

Instructor: Kelly Vandever

• Customize the interface and update options
• Modify Slide Masters, Notes Masters, and Handout Masters
• Insert advanced graphics like SmartArt, 3D models, SVGs, and icons
• Add media to your presentation (audio and video)
• Add advanced Animations and Transitions including Slide Timing
• Collaborate with others using Share, Comments, Compare & Merge, and Forms
• Customize your slide show with Captions and Subtitles, Translation, Dictation, and Hyperlinks
• Record and distribute your presentations

Learn advanced features to get the most out of PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365
Have you seen someone deliver a PowerPoint presentation that was well done? Do you remember the difference it made — not only in helping you understand the content, but the way it made you feel about the presenter? This course will show you how to turn lackluster presentations into something that is visually stimulating and works to keep your audience engaged.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common tool used for presentations in the workplace. Learn how to organize, create, and effectively share information you need to present. This course teaches the most frequently used PowerPoint features and introduces some of the more advanced options. It’s time to move beyond bullet points! In this training course, presentation expert, Kelly Vandever, and Meg Pierson will walk you through all the advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.

Topics covered include:
• Customizing the PowerPoint interface
• Working with Slide Master, Notes Master, and Handout Master
• Adding advanced graphics like SmartArt, 3D models, SVGs, icons, and inking
• Adding audio and video to your presentation
• Adding Animations and Slide Timing
• Collaborating with Comments, Compare and Merge, Forms, and Sharing
• Adding Captions and Subtitles, and using Translation and Dictation
• Recording, securing, and distributing a presentation

Course Length

Lessons : 42
Seat Time : 4 Hours 52 Minutes

Modifying the Environment
Customizing the Interface 4:33
Customizing the Ribbon 7:25
Setting Windows Options 6:32
Setting PowerPoint Options 5:39
Customizing Design Templates
Modifying Slide Masters, Part 1 8:57
Modifying Slide Masters, Part 2 11:33
Inserting Headers and Footers 6:11
Modifying Notes and Handout Masters 4:22
Adding Advanced Graphics
Creating SmartArt 4:26
Modifying SmartArt 10:08
Inserting 3D Models 6:54
Inserting SVGs and Icons 5:56
Inking, Part 1 8:59
Inking, Part 2 4:37
Writing Math Equations 8:38
Working with Media
Adding Audio 6:39
Editing Audio 6:57
Adding Video, Part 1 7:26
Adding Video, Part 2 7:17
Customizing Animations 11:31
Animating with Bookmarks 3:43
Timing Slide Transitions 2:37
Collaborating on Presentations
Inserting Sections 4:07
Adding Comments 6:23
Using Compare and Merge 10:27
Inserting a Form 6:07
Viewing Form Responses 3:44
Sharing on the Web 11:15
Customizing a Slide Show
Annotating a Presentation 5:48
Using Presenter View 11:35
Using Set Up Slide Show 6:30
Creating a Custom Show 4:55
Adding Captions and Subtitles 9:06
Using Translation and Dictation 4:19
Adding Hyperlinks 4:19
Inserting Action Buttons 9:40
Using Zoom 8:16
Securing and Distributing Presentations 38
Recording a Presentation, Part 1 7:32
Recording a Presentation, Part 2 7:10
Securing a Presentation 11:57
Creating a Video of a Presentation 3:17
Creating a CD of a Presentation 3:48

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