Mastering PowerPoint 2019 – Basics

Learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365. Delivered in easily searchable, highly informative lessons.

Target Audience: Business professionals who need to create presentations and want to learn the basics of PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365. By the end of this course, you will be able to create professional presentations that are easy to view, edit, and share.

Instructor: Kelly Vandever

• View and navigate a presentation
• Group, arrange, and animate objects
• Add and modify tables, charts, pictures, and shapes
• Apply transitions and animations

Learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365—Delivered in easily searchable, highly informative lessons

Using PowerPoint effectively is a crucial skill for any business professional. Whether you’re designing a presentation for a meeting, creating a handout, or even creating and exporting a custom video, PowerPoint 2019 and PowerPoint 365 are tools that everyone should feel comfortable using. In this Bigger Brains course our PowerPoint guru, Kelly Vandever, walks you through all the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common tool used for presentations in the workplace. Learn how to organize, create, and effectively share information you need to present. This course teaches the most frequently used PowerPoint features. In this training course, presentation expert, Kelly Vandever, walks you through all the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.

Topics covered include:
• Working with Pictures and Picture Styles
• Applying Transitions and Animation
• Viewing and navigating your presentation
• Reviewing your presentation for Accessibility, Spelling, and Grammar
• Exporting and delivering your presentation

Course Length

Lessons : 46
Seat Time : 5 Hours

Getting Started
Introduction 7:11
The PowerPoint Interface 7:48
View and Navigate a Presentation 11:43
Slideshow Options 4:30
Create and Save 6:27
Developing a Presentation
Select a Presentation Type 5:01
Editing Text, Part 1 6:50
Editing Text, Part 2 8:52
Arranging Slides 6:49
Working with Themes 10:02
Advanced Text Editing
Formatting Characters 7:53
Lists 5:14
Alignment and Spacing 6:02
Text Options 9:24
Format Text Boxes 6:22
Graphical Elements
Insert Images 8:23
Creating Photo Albums 8:30
Insert and Edit Shapes 9:16
Modifying Objects
Edit Pictures, Part 1 7:19
Edit Pictures, Part 2 4:58
Picture Styles 5:48
Group Objects 4:26
Arrange Objects 9:06
Animate Objects, Part 1 6:04
Animate Objects, Part 2 8:06
Table and Charts
Add a Table 4:48
Table Layout 6:37
Table Design 6:40
Insert a Table from Other Applications 4:32
Creating a Chart 9:41
New Chart Types 2:33
Designing a Chart 4:12
Formatting a Chart 10:30
Inserting a Chart from Excel 3:16
Preparing to Deliver
Review Presentation, Part 1 8:58
Review Presentation, Part 2 2:58
Accessibility 4:02
Apply Transitions 5:54
Morph Transition 5:45
Printing Your Presentation 3:21
Delivering Your Presentation 7:30
Exporting Presentations 7:11
PowerPoint Online
PowerPoint Online 6:04
Viewing and Navigating Online 5:04
Editing in PowerPoint Online 5:10
Online Feature Review 4:13

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