Mastering QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Get Started With The Professional and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks

Instructor : Rayanne Buchianico

Learn The Useful And Powerful Features And Tools In QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

Do you feel like you don’t have time to learn how to use some advanced tools and functions in QuickBooks because you have other important work to do – like gathering or inputting data into QuickBooks? This course is a great way to get up to speed on QuickBooks 2018, with many time-saving lessons that can change the way you think about QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is by far the most successful small business accounting package sold today, but its incredible number of features and functions leave many users feeling like they’re missing something important.

Use QuickBooks To Get The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions

If you are like most businesses, you probably wish you had a better grasp of your “numbers” – what are you spending, what investments you’re making, and how well those investments are paying off. You likely wish you had better reporting capabilities so that you could make more informed decisions regarding your future. This QuickBooks course teaches you how to gather that critical information to make sound business decisions.

Join award-winning CPA and Consultant Rayanne Buchianico as she demonstrates everything you need to know to effectively use QuickBooks.

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Navigate the QuickBooks 2018 interface, including the new Multi-Monitor mode
  • Start a blank new Company File or copy from another Company File
  • Setup a Chart of Accounts
  • Describe how Inventory works in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Demonstrate the tools and features in the Customer Center and Vendor Center
  • Create and customize basic reports
  • Find transactions

Course Length

Lessons : 35
Seat Time : 3 Hours

Lessons Include:

01: Introduction (5:34)
02: Creating a Company File (4:39)
03: New Feature Tour (6:41)
04: Navigating QuickBooks (7:16)
05: Customizing The Home Page (5:08)
06: Preferences (10:17)
07: Setting Up Sales Tax (5:31)
08: Chart of Accounts (8:51)
09: Item List (4:44)
10: Item Types (12:52)
11: Inventory Center (5:13)
12: Inventory Adjustments (6:11)
13: Inventory Reports Customization (3:45)
14: Customer Center (7:02)
15: Sales Order (5:24)
16: Invoicing (5:10)
17: Customer Payments (4:05)
18: Bank Deposits (5:06)
19: Sales Receipts (3:28)
20: Custom Sales Form (8:49)
21: Credit Memos (5:36)
22: Recording Bounced Checks (7:13)
23: Vendor Center (4:29)
24: Purchase Orders (4:21)
25: Receiving Items (4:10)
26: Enter Bills (5:23)
27: Pay Bills (7:07)
28: Write Checks (8:36)
29: Sales Tax (8:19)
30: Report Center (9:53)
31: Customizing Reports (6:08)
32: Finding Transactions (3:20)
33: Using Registers (6:20)
34: Using Classes (6:08)
35: Common Errors (7:09)

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