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This course provides students with knowledge and skills such as database management, advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, and preparing a database for multi-user access.

Course Modules:

Module 01: Implementing Advanced Form Design

(Duration: 37m )

  1. Workbook
  2. Topic A: Add Controls to Forms
  3. Types of Controls
  4. Other Elements
  5. The Original frmInventory View
  6. The frmInventory Target Layout
  7. Styling Elements
  8. Demo 1-1: Changing the Tab Order on a Form
  9. Topic B: Create Subforms
  10. Subforms
  11. Demo 1-2: Creating a Subform
  12. Topic C: Organize Information with Tabs Pages
  13. Demo 1-3: Creating Tab Pages
  14. Topic D: Enhance Navigation of Forms
  15. Demo 1-4: Creating a Navigation Form
  16. Topic E: Apply Conditional Formatting
  17. Demo 1-5: Changing the Display of Data Conditionally
  18. Lesson 01 Review
  19. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 02: Using Data Validation

(Duration: 29m)

  1. Workbook
  2. Topic A: Field and Record Validation
  3. Field and Record Navigation
  4. Field Properties for a Number Data Type Field in tblInventory
  5. Input Masks
  6. Input Mask Characters
  7. Lookup Lists
  8. Demo 2-1: Validating Data with a Field Property
  9. Topic B: Form Validation
  10. Selecting the Type of Combo Box for a Form
  11. Controls – List Box and Option Group
  12. Demo 2-2: Using a Combo Box Control to Limit Option Values
  13. Lesson 02 Review
  14. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 03: Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design

(Duration: 40 m )

  1. Workbook
  2. Topic A: Create a Macro
  3. Macros
  4. The Macro Builder Window and Action Catalog
  5. Macro Actions and Positioning Arrows
  6. Types of Macro Actions
  7. Event Options Form Field
  8. Macro Event Groups
  9. Events and Supported Controls
  10. Demo 3-1: Creating a Macro to Open a New Record on a Form
  11. Topic B: Restrict Records Using a Condition
  12. The OpenForm Macro Action with Where Condition
  13. Demo 3-2: Using the Where Condition to Restrict Data
  14. Topic C: Validate Data Using a Macro
  15. Validate Data Using a Macro
  16. Demo 3-3: Using a Macro to Validate Data
  17. Topic D: Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
  18. Event Properties for Automating Data Entry
  19. Demo 3-4: Automating Data Entry with a Macro
  20. Topic E: Convert a Macro to VBA
  21. Macros and VBA
  22. Demo 3-5: Converting a Macro to VBA
  23. Lesson 03 Review
  24. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 04: Using Advanced Database Management

(Duration: 27 m)

  1. Workbook
  2. Topic A: Link Tables to External Data Sources
  3. External Data Sources
  4. Demo 4-1: Using an External Data Source
  5. Topic B: Manage a Database
  6. Modes to Open a Database
  7. Maintaining a Database
  8. Demo 4-2: Compacting and Repairing a Database
  9. Topic C: Determine Object Dependency The Object Dependencies Pane
  10. Demo 4-3: Viewing Object Dependency
  11. Topic D: Document a Database
  12. Database Documenter
  13. Demo 4-4: Using the Database Documenter
  14. Topic E: Analyze the Performance of a Database
  15. Analysis Results
  16. Demo 4-5: Using the Performance Analyzer
  17. Lesson 04 Review
  18. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 05: Distributing and Securing a Database

(Duration: 51 m )

  1. Workbook
  2. Topic A: Splitting a Database for Multiple User Access
  3. Viewing Tables in a Split Database
  4. Demo 5-1: Splitting a Database
  5. Topic B: Implement Security
  6. The Message Bar
  7. Implementing Security
  8. The Trust Center Dialog Box
  9. Demo 5-2: Adding a Trusted Location
  10. Topic C: Set Passwords
  11. Password Guidelines
  12. Demo 5-3: Setting a Database Password
  13. Topic D: Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File
  14. ACCDE File Format
  15. Creating an ACCDE File
  16. Quick Start Database Templates Menu
  17. Template Customization
  18. Saving Your Database as a Template
  19. Demo 5-4: Converting a Database to ACCDE Format
  20. Topic E: Package a Database with a Digital Signature
  21. Packaging a Database with Digital Signatures
  22. Package and Sign
  23. Certificates
  24. Lesson 05 Review
  25. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 06: Managing Switchboards

(Duration: 17 m)

  1. Workbook
  2. Topic A: Create a Database Switchboard
  3. The Switchboard Manager’s Initial Message
  4. The Switchboard Manager’s Main Screen
  5. Demo 6-1: Creating a Simple Switchboard
  6. Topic B: Modify a Database Switchboard
  7. Demo 6-2: Modifying a Switchboard
  8. Topic C: Set Startup Options
  9. Startup Options for the Current Database
  10. Error Checking Options
  11. Demo 6-3: Setting Startup Options
  12. Lesson 06 Review
  13. Course Closure
  14. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

This course includes

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  • Certificate of Completion

Course Features Include:

  • Expert Lectures
    Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts. Our highly certified expert instructors possess a superior understanding of the subject matter in their fields and have the ability to convey this knowledge in an effective, engaging, and professional manner to a wide audience.

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  • PowerPoint Visuals:
    Many of the in-depth theories and processes discussed in our courses can be learned most efficiently through the detailed PowerPoint slides presented. These visuals are accompanied by an instructor voice-over to provide our students with a clear, efficient, and complete presentation of concepts.

  • Professional Development Activities
    Students are provided access to professional development activity files which allow for an individual to test out course theories and apply the knowledge they earned from the course.

  • Review Quizzes
    Once a course is completed, test your knowledge by taking our course review quiz! Students have the ability to retake any review quizzes as many times as they wish to ensure they understand the material or to improve upon their scores.

  • Mobile Access
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