This instructor led, online training course includes a deep dive into how to understand, interact, and utilize the Microsoft Teams app. Specifically, this course covers channels, calls, meetings, tagging, files, activity alerts, and more!

Course Instructor: Jasmine Jumpp

Course Outline

01. Introduction to the Teams App

  • Activity View
  • Chat
  • Teams
  • Meetings
  • Calendar
  • Calls
  • Files

02. Teams and Channels

  • What are Teams
  • What are Channels
  • Working with Channels

03. Setting up your Teams

  • Creating a new Team
  • Adding a Channel
  • Managing and customizing the Team

04. Chat, Calls, and Meetings

  • Chat options and functionality
  • Making Calls
  • Creating and managing Meetings

05. Posts and Messages

  • Posting messages into Channels

06. Apps and Tools

  • Tabs and how they work

07. Activity Feed

  • How to filter the feed
  • Managing notifications

08. Teams Tips and Tricks

  • Tagging people using the @mentions
  • Favorites
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Adding Files
  • Title your Chats
  • Connectors
  • Enable and configure Activity alerts

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • Create, manage, and interact with Teams and Channels
  • Better understand voice and audio calls, contacts, and voicemail
  • Chat options and functionality
  • Create, schedule, and attend meetings
  • Better understand and be able to utilize Conversations, Files, and Wiki
  • Manage notifications and activity alerts
  • Tag users via the @mention to call attention to a message
  • Learn and utilize important keyboard shortcuts
  • Use connectors to collaborate and integrate with other services like Twitter through the Office 365 connector functionality in Teams