Microsoft Teams Essentials (2018)

A Short Course on Using Microsoft Teams Effectively

Instructor : Chip Reaves

Learn To Collaborate and Communicate with Microsoft Teams

Many businesses are using Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication, collaboration, file sharing, and more. This mini-course covers everything you need to know in order to start using Microsoft Teams in just the first two Lessons (20 minutes).

The last three Lessons cover Teams best practices, including:

  • When should you create a Team or a Channel?
  • Preventing duplicate Team or Channel names
  • Using Tabs to connect to key apps
  • Tips for using Search
  • How to make sure Notifications is alerting you to the right conversations and events
  • Three ways to edit a Document in Teams
  • How to find misplaced Files
  • How to get people to start using Teams

Objectives – you will be able to:

  • Create Teams and Channels
  • Use Chat
  • Create Online Meetings
  • Describe Best Practices for Teams, Channels, Notifications, Files, Chat, and Meetings

Course Length

Lessons : 5
Seat Time : 50 Minutes

Lessons Include:

01: Teams and Channels (13:24)
02: Chat and Meetings (10:18)
03: Best Practices – Teams and Channels (13:44)
04: Best Practices – Notifications and Chat (8:27)
05: Best Practices – Files and Meetings (7:01)

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