Power Up PowerPoint!

Giving A Presentation? If You Want To Avoid Boring Your Audience To Tears, This Course Is A Must

Instructor : Kelly Vandever

Most Presentations Are Filled With Bullet Point Lists, Thick Paragraphs Of Text, And The Occasional Picture In A Desperate Attempt To Break Up The Monotony … but you can do better than that! This course shows you ways to turn standard content into something that’s ACTUALLY INTERESTING to your audience.

Stop Boring Audiences, And Learn The Art Of Creating Awesome Slides

Knowing how to create a PowerPoint slide is one thing. Knowing how to create an effective slide is something all together different! As Roger Courville, author of The Virtual Presenters says — PowerPoint doesn’t teach you to do effective slides anymore than Microsoft Word teaches you how to be a good writer. But this course will! During Power Up Your PowerPoint you’ll see and experience how creating effective slides will improve your presentations. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why the default settings are hurt the effectiveness of presentation slides
  • The step-by-step process for creating effective slides
  • How to revise existing slides to be more effective
  • How to increase audience retention through the design of your slides
  • Where to find free and low cost photographs for your presentations
  • The Rule of Thirds and other practical techniques to make slides look their best
  • When animations and transitions can benefit your presentation, and when they distract
  • How to include interactive polls and games in your presentation

Almost anyone can piece together a PowerPoint presentation. This course offers a great way to learn how to “amp up” your presentations and deliver your message with the power and authority required to communicate effectively.

Taught by presentation skills guru Kelly Vandever and TEDx speaker Dr Rebecca Heiss, Power Up PowerPoint will show you that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful, effective slides. Learn how to ditch the default settings and Power Up Your PowerPoint!

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Describe the benefit of planning your presentation
  • List free and paid sites for acquiring presentation graphics
  • Discuss the role of the “Rule of Thirds” in creating appealing slides

Course Length

Lessons : 26
Seat Time : 2.75 Hours

Lessons Include:

01: Why Power Up PowerPoint? (5:07)
02: Logical Reasons (4:41)
03: Design Ideas (10:19)
04: The Process (6:39)
05: Legalese (4:59)
06: Image Quality (5:31)
07: Finding Images – Add-Ins (7:34)
08: Finding Images – Paid Sites (10:49)
09: Finding Images – Free Sites (8:49)
10: Rule of Thirds – Single Image (7:32)
11: Rule of Thirds – Fill Slide (6:49)
12: Working With Image and Slide Backgrounds (3:32)
13: Draw The Eye (3:52)
14: Font Selection (4:20)
15: Font Sizes and Emphasis (3:52)
16: Bullet Points (3:24)
17: Charts, Graphs, and Statistics (7:56)
18: Tables (6:39)
19: Corporate Templates (2:04)
20: Convincing Your Boss (2:24)
21: Animations and Transitions (1:56)
22: Audience Interaction with Polls (11:04)
23: Using PowerPoint Games (9:30)
24: Adding Video (6:14)
25: GIFs and Other Tips (9:27)
26: Video Recording with PowerPoint (9:26)

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