Project Management Training Catalog – Scrum Developer Training Series!

Overview: This course provides students with an introduction to Scrum. It also teaches students about initiating, planning and estimating, and implementing a project, Sprint review and retrospect, and release.

Series Taught By: Patrick Von Schlag

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 6
Students can earn up to 6 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion.Learn More

Course Modules:

Module 01 – Course Introduction

(Duration: 8m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Lesson: Course Introduction
  3. Welcome to the Course!
  4. Scrum/Agile Mentoring Community
  5. Why Are You Here?
  6. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  7. What do you Expect?
  8. Housekeeping in the Classroom & Online
  9. Conventions Used
  10. Quizzes & Exercises
  11. Scrum Certification Exams
  12. Getting Started
  13. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 02 – Introduction to Scrum

(Duration: 44 m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Introduction to Scrum
  3. Learning Objectives
  4. Terms to Know
  5. Lesson: Scrum Overview
  6. Scrum Overview
  7. Project Management as a Discipline
  8. Software Development Lifecycle Management
  9. Tradtional PM
  10. History of Agile
  11. Agile Manifesto Principles 1-5
  12. Agile Manifesto Principles 6-12
  13. Agile Methods
  14. Scrum History
  15. Scrum Benefits
  16. Scrum Scalability
  17. Lesson: Scrum Concepts & Principles
  18. Scrum Principles
  19. Empirical Process Control
  20. Self-Organization
  21. Collaboration
  22. Value-Based Prioritization
  23. Time -Boxing
  24. Iterative Development
  25. Scrum Aspects
  26. Lesson: Scrum Phases & Processes
  27. Scrum Phases
  28. Initiate
  29. Plan & Estimate
  30. Implement
  31. Review & Retrospect
  32. Release
  33. Lesson: Chapter Summary
  34. Introduction to Scrum Summary
  35. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 03 – Initiating a Project

(Duration: 43m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Initiating a Project
  3. Learning Objectives
  4. Terms to Know
  5. The Scrum Cycle Initiation
  6. Lesson: Creating the Project Vison
  7. Create The Project Vision
  8. Project Vision Meeting
  9. JAD Sessions
  10. SWOT Analysis
  11. Gap Analysis
  12. Outputs of Creating a Project Vision
  13. Lesson: Identifying the Scrum Master
  14. Identify the Scrum Master
  15. Identify the Stateholders
  16. Lesson: Forming the Scrum Team
  17. Form the Scrum Team
  18. Outputs of Forming the Scrum Team
  19. Lesson: Developing Epics
  20. Develop Epics
  21. Epics and Personae
  22. Outputs from Developing Epics
  23. Lesson: Creating the Prioritized Product Backlog
  24. Create the Prioritized Product Backlog
  25. MoSCow Analysis
  26. Paired Comparison
  27. 100 -Point Method
  28. Kano Analysis
  29. Other Considerations and Inputs for Prioritization
  30. Outputs of Planning the Prioritized Backlog
  31. Lesson: Release Planning
  32. Conduct Release Planning
  33. Outputs of Release Planning
  34. Lesson: Chapter Summary
  35. Initiating a Project Summary
  36. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 04 – Planning & Estimating a Project

(Duration: 33 m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Planning & Estimating a Project
  3. Learning Objectives
  4. Terms to Know
  5. The Scrum Cycle – Plan and Estimate
  6. Lesson: Creating User Stories
  7. User Story Meetings and Workshops
  8. Write User Stories
  9. User Story Acceptance Criteria
  10. Outputs for Writing User Stories
  11. Lesson: Approve, Estimate & Commit User Stories
  12. User Group Meetings
  13. Planning Poker
  14. Fist of Five
  15. Points for Cost Estimation
  16. Other Estimation Techniques
  17. Outputs from Approve, Estimate & Commit User Stories
  18. Lesson: Create Tasks
  19. Task Planning Meeting
  20. Two Parts of a Task Planning Meeting
  21. Use Index Cards
  22. Decomposition
  23. Determine Dependencies
  24. Outputs for Create Tasks
  25. Lesson: Estimating Tasks
  26. Task Estimation Meetings
  27. Establish Estimation Criteria
  28. Output for Estimating Tasks
  29. Lesson: Creating the Sprint Backlog
  30. Create the Sprint Backlog
  31. Scrumboard
  32. Sprint Burndown Chart
  33. Velocity
  34. Sprint Tracking Metrics
  35. Output of Creating the Sprint Backlog
  36. Lesson: Chapter Summary
  37. Planning & Estimating a Project Summary
  38. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 05 – Implementing a Project

(Duration: 20m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Implementing a Project
  3. Learning Objectives
  4. Terms to Know
  5. Lesson: Creating Deliverables
  6. Create the Deliverables
  7. Build Deliverables
  8. Refactoring
  9. Outputs for Creating Deliverables
  10. Lesson: Conducting the Daily Standup (or Daily Scrum)
  11. Conduct the Daily Standup Meeting
  12. Three Daily Questions
  13. The War Room
  14. Manage Distributed Teams
  15. Outputs from Conduct Daily Standup
  16. Lesson: Grooming the Prioritized Product Backlog
  17. Product Backlog Review Meetings
  18. Facilitate Communications
  19. Outputs of Grooming the Prioritized Product Backlog
  20. Lesson: Chapter Summary
  21. Implementing a Project Summary
  22. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 06 – Sprint Review and Retrospect

(Duration: 25 m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Sprint Review and Retrospect
  3. Learning Objectives
  4. Terms to Know
  5. The Scrum Cycle – Review and Retrospect
  6. Lesson: Convene a Scrum of Scrums
  7. Projects, Programs & Portfolios
  8. Scrum of Scrums
  9. Four Questions per Team
  10. Outputs from Scrum of Scrums
  11. Lesson: Demonstrating & Validating Sprint
  12. Sprint Review Meeting
  13. Track Overall Progress
  14. Outputs of Demonstrate & Validate Sprint
  15. Lesson: Retrospect Sprint
  16. Conduct the Retrospect Sprint Meeting
  17. Explorer-Shopper -Vacationer-Prisoner (ESVP)
  18. Speed Boat
  19. Metrics & Measurement Review
  20. Outputs from Retrospect Sprint
  21. Lesson: Chapter Summary
  22. Sprint Review & Retrospect Summary
  23. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 07 – Release

(Duration: 20m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Release
  3. Learning Objectives
  4. Terms to Know
  5. Lesson: Ship Deliverables
  6. Ship Deliverables
  7. Pilot Plan
  8. Organizational Deployment Methods
  9. Communications Plan
  10. Outputs from Ship Deliverables
  11. Lesson: Retrospect Project
  12. Conduct the Retrospect Project Meeting
  13. Tools & Techniques
  14. Outputs from Retrospect Project
  15. Lesson: Chapter Summary
  16. Release Summary
  17. Chapter Quiz
  18. Course Closure
  19. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

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