Secrets Of The Office Guru

This Is The Course That’s Chock – Full Of Practical, Productivity-Boosting Tips, Tricks, And Skills That Will Turn Experienced Microsoft Office Users Into Gurus

Instructors : Christina Tankersley, Barbara Evers, & Kelly Vandever

Question: What Can Savvy Microsoft Office Users Do To Improve Their Skills – Without Having To Comb Through Hours Of Information That They Already Know To Find Those Few Useful Gems Of Knowledge?

Answer: Take This Course.

We asked some of the world’s office experts to divulge their best-kept secrets and nuggets of knowledge to create the course that will deliver the most useful information to the people who consider themselves experienced Microsoft Office users.

Think you’re a Microsoft Office expert? Test your knowledge in these 26 short, convenient Lessons highlighting the most useful aspects from our Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Power-Up PowerPoint courses.

Tips and Skills Include:

  • How to make your Word documents have a more polished, professional look
  • Best Practices for Managing Cells In Word
  • Mastering Excel’s Data Sorting and Filtering Tools
  • How to Edit Pictures and Use Animations in PowerPoint
  • … and more

Note: These Lessons are highlights from our Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Power Up PowerPoint courses. For a more in-depth look at any features covered here, be sure to check out those courses.

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Describe what data series and data tables are in Excel
  • Illustrate how to use animation triggers in PowerPoint
  • Modify themes and styles in Word

Course Length

Lessons : 43
Seat Time : 6 Hours

Lessons Include:

01: Word, Text Selection and Mini Toolbar
02: Word, create a template
03: Word, wordart and text effects
04: Word, apply document themes
05: Word, intro to styles
06: Word, text styles
07: Word, modifying a table
08: Word, inserting images
09: Word, smartart
10: Excel, The Quick Access Toolbar
11: Excel, Use Proofing and Research Tools
12: Excel, Cell Data and Data Types
13: Excel, create and modify tables
14: Excel, manipulating table data
15: Excel, sorting data
16: Excel, filtering data
17: Excel, modifying and formatting charts
18: Excel, Page Layout
19: Excel, Data Tables
20: Excel, Goal Seek
21: Excel, New Charts and Image Options
22: PowerPoint, Arranging Slides
23: PowerPoint, Edit Pictures
24: PowerPoint, Animate Objects
25: PowerPoint, Customize Animations
26: PowerPoint, Animation with a Bookmark
27: PowerPoint, SmartArt
28: PowerPoint, Insert Images
29: PowerPoint, Picture Styles
30: OneNote, Intro to OneNote
31: OneNote, Outlook and Word Integration
32: OneNote, Sharing Notebooks
33: OneDrive, Cloud Sharing History
34: Outlook, Automatic Message Content
35: Outlook, Track Messages
36: Outlook, Recall and Resend
37: Outlook, Folders
38: Outlook, Scheduling Meetings, Part 1
39: Outlook, Scheduling Meetings, Part 2
40: Outlook, Modify Message Options
41: Outlook, Advanced Calendar Options
42: Outlook, Using Automatic Replies
43: Outlook, Assign and Manage Tasks

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