SharePoint Online Essentials 2018

Build Your Own Collaboration Site – No Tech Skills Needed!

Instructor : Chip Reaves

Share Files and Post Information For Your Team with SharePoint Online

SharePoint is the behind-the-scenes backbone of Office 365, but the SharePoint Online app has its own benefits. In this course, IT guru Chip Reaves demonstrates how to use SharePoint Online to create shared resources, including a shared document library, and to create internal websites to share information with your team.

In this course we demonstrate:

  • Creating Team Sites to share documents and other information
  • Creating and Editing Communication Sites
  • How to Add Web Parts to your SharePoint Pages
  • How to Add Pages to your SharePoint Sites

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Describe the function of SharePoint in Office 365
  • Discuss the differences between Team Sites and Communication Sites
  • Create a SharePoint Site
  • Add Pages to a SharePoint Site

Course Length

Lessons : 4
Seat Time : 30 Minutes

Lessons Include:

01: Intro to SharePoint Online (9:08)
02: SharePoint – Creating Team Sites (14:04)
03: SharePoint – Communication Sites (14:29)
04: SharePoint – Adding Pages (4:25)

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