Sharing Calendars

So You Need To Share A Calendar With Your Group? Learn 10 Effective Ways

Instructor : Chip Reaves

How Do You Let Everyone Know What’s Going On?
It’s a common situation: you’re working in an organization or department, and you need to share a calendar with your team. Whether it’s staffing schedules or company holidays, this course will demonstrate ten different ways you can share a calendar among your coworkers, including both physical (printed) and online calendars.

Many people make do with makeshift calendars taped on a wall or emailed around the group, where updates require handwritten adjustments or another email out to the group. There is a better way – in fact in this course we’ll take a look at ten different ways you can professionally share your calendar among a group or team.

Topics covered include:

  • Using calendar templates with Microsoft Word
  • Printing calendars via an outside service
  • Creating and editing a calendar with a free Google account
  • Sharing a Google calendar with others
  • Sharing your personal Office 365 calendar
  • Using a shared calendar using SharePoint, Groups, or Teams
  • Creating a shared resource calendar in Office 365

Taught by 25-year IT veteran and Microsoft Silver partner Chip Reaves, Sharing Calendars is designed for anyone from beginners to experts who want to share calendars among a group or team.

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Describe software programs and 3rd party services that can be used for printed calendars
  • Demonstrate using free or paid Google accounts to create a shareable online calendar
  • Discuss the pros and cons of Office 365 individual calendars compared to calendars from Groups, Teams, or shared mailboxes
  • Evaluate the use of third party calendar services such as TeamUp for calendar sharing
  • Describe how to integrate Google, Microsoft, or TeamUp calendars into a website

Course Length

Lessons : 10
Seat Time : 85 Minutes

Lessons Include:

01: Printed Calendars (12:02)
02: Google Calendar, Part 1 (11:07)
03: Google Calendar, Part 2 (7:52)
04: Google Calendar, Part 3 (7:55)
05: Microsoft Outlook, Part 1 (11:11)
06: Microsoft Outlook, Part 2 (5:33)
07: SharePoint, Groups, and Teams (14:01)
08: Shared Mailbox Calendar (4:55)
09: Team Up (5:09)
10: Sharing on a Website (8:01)

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