What’s New in Outlook 2019

Better Image and Collaboration Tools Highlight the New Features in Outlook

Instructor : Kathy Jones

Microsoft Outlook 2019 improves upon the most-used email application with new image, accessibility, and productivity features – and this course will show you how to use them effectively!

Updated features we cover for Outlook 2019 include

  • Integration with OneDrive attachments
  • Focused Inbox for better productivity
  • Improved images with SVG graphics and Icons
  • Outlook Groups
  • Using @Mentions to add recipients on the fly
  • Suggested Replies and other Improvements

This course includes seven easy-to-understand modules that show how to use all the new features in Outlook 2019

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how Outlook integrates with OneDrive for attachments
  • Describe the function of the Focused Inbox
  • Insert SVG images and Icons into email messages
  • Discuss new calendar and accessibility features

Course Length

Lessons : 7
Seat Time : 25 Minutes

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