Word in 30 Minutes – Creating Lists and Tables

5 of 7 in our Word Basics Series

Instructor: Barbara Evers

Target Audience: Business professionals in management and administrative positions who need to create business documents for print and web using Word 2019 or Word 365.

Course Goal: By the end of this course, you will be able to create and format lists and tables to create a professional-looking document.

• Sort lists using multiple criteria, including lists with multiple columns
• Format numbered lists to control numbering style and sequence
• Fix issues with list sequencing to continue numbering or restart numbering at 1
• Insert tables to clearly lay out important information
• Update tables by adding rows, moving rows, and adjusting column width
• Format tables using Table Styles or individual options like updating Borders and Shading
• Create tables from text that’s already in your document using Convert Text to Table

Learn the best practices for creating lists and tables while incorporating must-have features in Word 2019 or Word 365

In case you didn’t know it, people don’t read documents; they scan them. Information mentioned in the middle of a paragraph, especially lists or data, is missed by most of your audience. This course on Word 2019 or Word 365 helps you to make that information stand out. Most people ignore paragraphs, but they will look at bulleted and numbered lists as well as data presented in tables. You will learn the proper methods for using these tools, how to format them to meet your needs, and how to correct numbering issues.

If you want to save time by learning the basics of using lists and tables—this course is for you.

Microsoft Word is more than a word processor. With the skills taught in this course, you will discover tips that will set you on the path to becoming a true Microsoft Word master.

Course Length

Lessons : 7
Seat Time : 26 Minutes

Lessons Include

1 Sorting Lists 3:30
2 Formatting Lists 3:26
3 Resequencing Lists 1:31
4 Inserting a Table 5:17
5 Modifying a Table 4:53
6 Formatting a Table 2:49
7 Converting Text to a Table 4:54

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