Word in 30 Minutes – Formatting Text

3 of 7 in our Word Basics Series

Teacher: Barbara Evers
Learner: Logan Gray
Produced by: Bigger Brains

Target Audience: Business professionals in management and administrative positions who need to create business documents for print and web using Word 2019 or Word 365.

Course Goal: By the end of this course, you will be able to change fonts and font colors, adjust paragraph alignment, create lists, and set up tabs to align text.

• Format text by changing the font style and font color, and adding options like bold and italicized text
• Control how text is laid out by adjusting alignment, hyphenation, and margins
• Manage your indentation with the ruler, indentation markers, and tabs
• Adjust the space between lines of text or paragraphs
• Set tab stops in a paragraph and indent text using tabs
• Create bulleted and numbered lists

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Learn the best practices for formatting text and paragraphs to create a professional-looking document in Word 2019 or Word 365

Everyone uses Microsoft Word, yet many of us never learn some of the basic tools that make the application so useful. Create professional-looking documents by formatting your text and paragraphs in Word 2019 or Word 365. The difference between font choices, alignments, and bullets can determine whether your documents are easy-to-read or boring and impossible to read. In this course, you will learn how to change fonts and font colors, adjust paragraph alignment, create lists, and set up tabs to align text.

If you want to create professional, easy-to-read documents, this course is for you.

Microsoft Word is more than a word processor. With the skills taught in this course, you will discover tips that will set you on the path to becoming a true Microsoft Word master.

Course Length

Lessons : 6
Seat Time : 35 Minutes

Lessons Include

  1. Applying Character Formatting 8:47
  2. Controlling Paragraph Layout 4:26
  3. Indenting Paragraphs 6:23
  4. Controlling Spacing 4:39
  5. Aligning Text with Tabs 7:24
  6. Formatting Lists 3:35

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