Working with Kanban boards is an overview workshop on the values of using a Kanban approach in any project management framework, including the values and the steps to create a Kanban board. Students will learn about how to set up their own board and see some different situations that may arise during their workflow. The course will end with a demo and an interactive Kanban board using an online platform. Students will be encouraged to log in and use a live Kanban board and work together to build out the project assigned. The ability to create and use a Kanban board with a good understanding of how they work and why they are so effective will influence your future projects, whether they are Agile projects, Waterfall projects or a tailored approach.

Course Instructor: Ashley Hunt

Course Outline

  • Overview of Kanban
  • The Benefits of the Kanban approach
  • Review of the principles of Kanban
  • The product backlog and the definition of done
  • User story workshops
  • How to set up your Kanban Board including:
    • Create a process flow
    • Set work in progress limits (WIP)
    • Overcome workflow issues
    • Resources and reducing bottlenecks
    • Scrum Boards
  • The six principles of Kanban
  • Value Stream Mapping Overview
  • Kanban Board Demo (using Trello)
    • Interactive online Kanban board
    • Work priotizations and working through the value stream

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • Benefits of the Kanban approach
  • Definition of done
  • How to set up a Kanban Board