This instructor led, online training course is designed to support the Cisco Collaboration engineer or administration with a focus on basic adds, moves, and changes. Students will learn the basics of how a Cisco Unified Communications cluster operates within a production environment. Students will learn some of the more common features and applications available including how to configure or modify media resources such as music on hold (MOH), conferencing (MeetMe, ConferenceNow), as well as other standard features such as DND, iDivert, hold, call park, and more!

Students will also learn the fundamentals of CUCM’s call routing logic which includes exploring route patterns, route lists, route groups (local route groups) as well as a very important topic; Class of Service (CoS), ie. Calling search spaces and route partitions.

Course Instructor: Ralph Smith

Course Outline

01. Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications Fundamentals and Network Terminology

  • Understanding basic components of CUCM
  • Understanding fundamental network terminology

02. Understanding CUCM Administrative and User Interfaces

  • Understanding Administrator Interfaces
  • Understanding End-User Interfaces

03. Common Phone and User Configuration Settings

  • Adding, modifying, and deleting endpoints
  • Adding, modifying, and deleting users

04. Basic Dial Plan Using NANP

  • Describing Dial Plan Components
  • Class of Service (COS)

05. Configuring Endpoint Phone Features

  • Shared lines
  • Call Park
  • DND
  • iDivert
  • Music on Hold (MOH)
  • Extension Mobility

06. Basic Media Resource Configuration

  • Understanding Media Resources
  • Annunciators and MOH
  • Describing Conference Devices
  • Implementing Conference Bridges

07. Basic Cisco Unity Connection Architecture

  • Basic CUC Architecture
  • Integrating CUCM with CUC (SIP)
  • Understanding Cisco Unity Connection Administrative Interfaces
  • Configuring CUC Users, Mailboxes and Endpoints for CUC Access
  • Introduction to CUC Call Handlers

08. Basic Call Detail Records (CDRs) and Disaster Recovery

  • Introduction to Call Detail Records
  • Configuring Disaster Recovery Backup
  • Performing CUCM Backup and Recovery

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • The basics of how a CUCM cluster operates
  • How to configure and modify media resources
  • How to conference
  • The fundamentals of CUCM’s call routing logic