AZ104 – Microsoft Azure Administrator

Overview: This course teaches students about being a Microsoft Azure Administrator. Topics covered include management tools and processes, storage, networking, compute, backup, and monitoring.

Series Taught By: Patrick Loner

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 11

Students can earn up to 11 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion. Learn More

This course will teach students about information systems risk. Topics covered include risk identification, assessment, evaluation, response, and monitoring, as well as information systems control design and implementation.

Series Taught By: John Glover

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 6
Students can earn up to 6 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion. Learn More

(Duration: 1h 52m)

  1. Instructor introduction
  2. Course Introduction
  3. Chapter 1 – Azure Identify Management Solutions
  4. Azure Identify Management Solutions
  5. Topic A:Introduction to Azure AD
  6. What is Azure Active Directory
  7. AAD Terminology
  8. Demo – Examining Azure AD
  9. Other Identify Solutions
  10. Demo – Azure AD Licensing
  11. Eliminating AD DS
  12. AD Connect
  13. Demo – AD Coneect and SSPR
  14. Topic B: Managing Users and Groups
  15. Azure AD Management
  16. Creating Users
  17. Demo-Working with Users
  18. Groups
  19. Demo – Managing Groups
  20. Aditional Directories
  21. Topicc Azure AD Management
  22. Subscription
  23. Resources Tags
  24. Understanding Azure Costs
  25. Demo – Subscription Access Control
  26. Demo – Cost Management
  27. Role-Based Access Control
  28. Understanding
  29. Azure Built in Roles
  30. Demo – Role-Based Access Control in Azure and Azure AD
  31. Topic D: Working with Azure Policies
  32. Azure Management
  33. Management Groups
  34. policy Definations
  35. Chapter 1 Review
  36. Chapter 1 Quiz

(Duration: 1h 21m)

  1. Azure Management Tools and Processes

  2. Topic A: Management Tools
  3. Azure Management Tools
  4. Azure Management Portal
  5. Demo-Overview of Azure Management Portal
  6. Azure Cloud Sheil
  7. Demo-Azure Cloud Sheil
  8. Command Line Management
  9. Power Shell Fundamentals
  10. Demo-Examining Command Line Tools
  11. Additional Tools
  12. Topic B:Azure Resources Manager
  13. Introduction to ARM
  14. ARM Terms
  15. Resources Groups
  16. Demo-Using Rsource Group
  17. Topic C:Using Templates
  18. ARM Templates
  19. Templates Fundamentals
  20. Demo-Using Templates
  21. Chapter 2 Review
  22. Chapter 2 Quiz

(Duration: 1h 18m)

  1. Azure Storage

  2. Topic A: Overview of Azure Storage
  3. Overview of Azure Storage
  4. Storage Users
  5. Storage Account Types
  6. Storage Account Types
  7. Azure Storage Replication
  8. Storage Services
  9. Demo – Creating Storage
  10. Topic B:Azure Storage Types
  11. Overview of Blob Storage
  12. Additional Blob Storage Options
  13. Demo-Working With Blob Storage
  14. Overview Of Azure Files
  15. Demo-Working With Azure File Shares
  16. Azure File Sync
  17. File Sync Termonology
  18. Demo-Configuring Azure File Sync
  19. Topic C:Management Azure Storage
  20. Storage Explorer
  21. Demo-Azure Storage Explorer
  22. Moving Data to Azure
  23. Topic D:Securing Azure Storage
  24. Overview of Storage Security
  25. Authorization to Azure Storage
  26. Demo-Controlling Access to Azure Storage
  27. Storage Services Encryption
  28. Best Practices
  29. Chapter 3 Review
  30. Chapter 3 Qiuz

(Duration: 1h 46m)

  1. Azure Networking

  2. Topic A:Virtual Networking
  3. Introduction to Virtual Networking
  4. Virtual Networks
  5. Networks Components
  6. Demo-Working with VNets
  7. Azure DNS
  8. Demo-Adding a Custom Domain
  9. Azure DNS Components
  10. Demo-Configure Azure DNS
  11. Topic Connecting Virtual Networks
  12. Virtual Network Connection Types
  13. VNet Peering
  14. Demo-Configure VNet Peering
  15. Topic C:Securing Virtual Networks
  16. Network Security in Azure
  17. Networking Security Groups
  18. Configuring NSGs
  19. Demo-Creating NSG Rules
  20. Azure Firewall
  21. Firewall Rules
  22. Demo-Azure Firewall
  23. Topic D:Managing Remote Connections
  24. Connecting Remote Networks
  25. Introduction to VPN Gateways
  26. Site-to-Site Connection
  27. Demo-Configuring a VPN Gateway
  28. ExpressRoute
  29. Topic E:Controlling Network Traffic
  30. Networking Routing
  31. Routing Tables
  32. Demo-Creating Custom Routing Tables
  33. Azure Load Bakancer
  34. Demo-Azure Load Balancer
  35. Azure Application Gateway
  36. Application gateway Routing
  37. Configuring the Application Gateway
  38. Chapter 4 Review
  39. Chapter 4 Quiz

(Duration: 2h)

  1. Azure Compute

  2. Topic A:Designing and Planning for Azure Virtual Machines
  3. Desigining Virtual Machines(Cont.)
  4. Designing Virtual Machines
  5. Designing Virtual Machines(cont.)
  6. Demo-View Sizing Chart and Pricing Options for VMs
  7. Topic B:Creating Virtual Machines
  8. Creating Virtual Machines
  9. Demo-Creating and connecting to Windows VMs
  10. Demo-Creating and Connecting to Linux VMs
  11. Topic C:Configuring Availability
  12. Understanding Availablity Options
  13. Availability Sets
  14. Additional Options
  15. Availability Zones
  16. Scalability
  17. Demo-Implementing Availability and Scalling
  18. Topic D:Advanced Virtual Machines Management
  19. VM Extensions
  20. Custom Script Extensions
  21. Desired State Configuration
  22. Demo-Custom Script Extensions
  23. Topic E: Azure App Services Plans
  24. Introduction to PaaS
  25. App Service Plans
  26. Demo-Working with App Service Plans
  27. App Servicea
  28. Benefits to App Services
  29. Demo-Create an App Services
  30. Deployment Slots
  31. Managing App Services
  32. Topic F:Additional PaaS Options
  33. Containers
  34. Container Fundamentals
  35. Docker
  36. Kubernetes Services
  37. Kubrenetes Fundamentals (cont.)
  38. Chapter 5 Review
  39. Chapter 5 Quiz

(Duration: 48m)

  1. Azure Backup and Monitoring

  2. Topic A:Disaster Recovery for Data Files
  3. Disaster Recovery
  4. Azure Backup
  5. Recovery Services Vault
  6. Demo-Creating a Recovery Services Vault
  7. On-Premises Backups
  8. Azure Backup Server
  9. Topic B:Disaster Recovery for Viritual Machines
  10. Disaster Recovery for Virtual Machines
  11. Demo-Backup up Azure Site Recovery
  12. Demo-Configuring Azure Site Recovery
  13. Topic C:Using Azure Monitor and Alerts
  14. Practive Monitoring
  15. Azure Monitor Service
  16. Demo-Using Azure Monitor Using
  17. Using Alerts
  18. Using Alert Rules
  19. Demo-Using Alerts
  20. Chapter 6 Review
  21. Course Closure
  22. Chapter 6 Quiz

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