Business Skills Training Catalog – IC3 GS4: Computer Fundamentals Online Training Series!

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Overview: This series will cover the basics of Computer Fundamentals. Students will get an overview of operating system fundamentals and computer and network terminology. They will also learn about working with software and the OS and troubleshooting.

Career Path: IC3 certification is an excellent way to tell teachers, potential and current employers, academic institutions, government agencies, and the whole world that you have the digital literacy skills to function successfully, effectively, and productively. IC3 certification is the one credential that applies to whatever direction your education or career pursuits take you.

Series Taught By: Ken Mayer

Certification Details

Digital literacy is a foundational element of success in today’s technology-driven world. Regardless of your educational goals, career pursuits, or job function, possessing a strong grasp of the digital technologies that drive much of the world is critical. IC3 Global Standard 4 (GS4) is the newest release in the IC3 family of digital certification exams. GS4 aligns the IC3 standard to the most current and relevant digital literacy requirements, and addresses several new concepts common to digital literacy, such as:

  • social media
  • collaboration
  • digital devices
  • research fluency
  • critical thinking
  • cloud computing

Certification Exam Details:
This training will prepare you for the The IC3 GS4 exam. To learn more, please go to Certiport for more details.

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 8
Students can earn up to 8 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion. Learn More

Course Modules:

Module 01 – Operating System Fundamentals

(Duration: 2h 54m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Lesson 1: What is an Operating System?
  3. How Applications and Hardware Work with an OS
  4. The Old Days of the CLI
  5. What the Modern OS Supplied
  6. Demo – Navigating a Modern App
  7. Demo – Working with Multiple Apps
  8. Common OS Features
  9. Demo – Working with Windows
  10. Directory Infrastructure
  11. Demo – Managing Files and Folders
  12. Drivers and Hardware
  13. Common Interface
  14. Demo – Signing In to Windows 8 and Managing Tiles
  15. Demo – Using the Account ID Menu
  16. Demo – Viewing the Charms
  17. Demo – Working with Files and Folders
  18. Demo – Navigating the Desktop
  19. Directory Infrastructure
  20. Updates and Patches
  21. Demo – Control Panel
  22. Lesson 2: Configuring the Operating System
  23. Visual Options
  24. The Background
  25. Demo – Desktop Background
  26. Demo – Working with the Elements of a Desktop Window
  27. Lesson 3: What is an Application?
  28. Working with the Operating System
  29. Working with the Software
  30. Security
  31. Lesson 4: Using Control Panel
  32. Software
  33. Demo – Adding/Removing Software
  34. Hardware
  35. Visual Devices
  36. Date/Time
  37. Servers
  38. Module 01 Review
  39. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 02 – Computer and Network Terminology

(Duration: 49m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Lesson 1: Hardware and Peripherals
  3. Hardware and Peripherals
  4. Lesson 2: Storage
  5. Demo – Hardware
  6. Configuration
  7. Storage Devices
  8. How a Hard Drive Works
  9. Demo – Storage
  10. Lesson 3: Connectivity Devices
  11. Server Types
  12. Desktop
  13. Lesson 4: Network Components
  14. Switches
  15. Routers
  16. Demo – Network Settings
  17. Firewalls
  18. Module 02 Review
  19. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 03 – Working with Software and the OS

(Duration: 54m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Lesson 1: Software and Concepts
  3. Managing Software
  4. Software
  5. Demo – Changing Windows Defender Settings
  6. Lesson 2: Licensing
  7. Types of Software Licenses
  8. Pirating
  9. Demo – Licenses
  10. Lesson 3: Using Software
  11. Hardware Limitations
  12. Presentations
  13. Publishing
  14. Content and Entertainment
  15. Working with Media
  16. Demo – Applications
  17. Lesson 4: Software Tools
  18. Database vs. Spreadsheet
  19. Demo – Database vs. Spreadsheet
  20. File Compression
  21. Demo – File
  22. Compression
  23. Disk Management
  24. Malware Detection
  25. Module 03 Review
  26. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 04 – Troubleshooting

(Duration: 37m)

  1. Workbook (Pdf)
  2. Lesson 1: Software
  3. Updates
  4. Removing Malware
  5. Safe Mode
  6. Knowledge Base
  7. Demo – Getting Help
  8. Task and Process Management
  9. Demo – Task Manager
  10. Lesson 2: Hardware, Devices, and Peripherals
  11. Firmware
  12. Cables and Connections
  13. Devices and Peripherals
  14. Lesson 3: Backup and Restore
  15. Backups
  16. Demo – Backups
  17. Module 04 Review
  18. Course Closure
  19. Review Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

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  • Professional Development Activities
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  • Review Quizzes
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