In this online training course, students will be given the foundational knowledge and a broad overview of the Cisco Unified Communication System (UCS). The UCS online training course covers the management of the UCS platform, configuration of UCS features for server virtualization, UCS platform architecture, and how to integrate storage with Cisco UCS.

Course Instructor: Desiree Lindfield

Course Outline

01. Introduction to managing Cisco UCS hardware

  • Installation of B-Series and C-Series Hardware
  • Installing UCS modules
  • Managing UCS firmware
  • Using the UCS Hardware Capability Catalog

02. Managing UCS through the management interfaces

  • Navigating within UCS Manager
  • Using the CLI with Fabric Interconnects
  • Provisioning Cisco UCS Compute Resources

03. Administering RBAC for granular permissions

  • Understanding RBAC
  • Configuring roles
  • Identifying effective rights of RBAC
  • Using LDAP with UCS administration
  • Configuring UCS role mapping

04. Maintaining the UCS

  • Configuring the UCS manager database for backup
  • Disaster preparedness options for UCS
  • Running backup jobs
  • Restoring to Cisco UCS
  • Configuring logging on the UCS platform
  • Validating the UCS finite state machine
  • Using Smart Call Home with UCS
  • Configuring SPAN
  • Understanding UCS failures
  • Using the Cisco UCS Utility OS
  • Achieving fabric high availability
  • Planning HA clustering options
  • Planning addressing in the cluster

05. UCS architecture options

  • Understanding bandwidth oversubscription
  • Introduction IOM architecture
  • Introduction to the VIC 1280 and 1240
  • Understanding end-host mode vs switching mode
  • Virtual networking with the UCS platform

06. Configuring UCS options

  • Configuring port channels with Gen 2 hardware
  • Managing chassis discovery
  • Configuring and monitoring UCS port personalities
  • Configuring VLANs on UCS
  • Configuring uplink pinning
  • Creating appliance ports and FCoE ports

07. Understand UCS options for interfacing with Fibre Channel

  • Introduction to Fibre Channel
  • Understanding NPV mode
  • Configuring FC pinning
  • Configuring FC Port Channels
  • Working with VSANs on UCS
  • Using FCoE on UCS
  • Configuring a VSAN trunk
  • Configuring VSAN zoning

08. Using UCS pools

  • Deploying server pools
  • Using Server Pool Autoplacement
  • Creating SAN pools
  • Creating and associating service profiles
  • Building service profile templates

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the hardware options available in Cisco UCS
  • Manage the UCS platform for the data center
  • Configure UCS features for server virtualization
  • Describe the architecture of the UCS platform
  • Integrate storage with Cisco UCS