This online training course is a high level introduction to Java, a dynamic language popular for application development. This Java online training course covers setting up JDK, creating and manipulating data types, string creation, java methods, inner classing, and more!

Course Instructor: Zac Brown

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Installing and configuring Java
  • Syntax and Hello World
  • Classes and objects
  • Constructors
  • Data types
  • Variable types
  • Modifier types
  • Basic operators
  • Loop control
  • Decision making
  • Numbers
  • Characters
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Methods
  • Date and time
  • Files and I/O
  • Inner classes
  • Exceptions
  • Object orientation
  • Data structures
  • Collections
  • Generics
  • Serialization
  • Networking
  • Multithreading
  • Applet basics
  • Build a complete app

Skills Learned

After completing this online training course, students will be able to:

  • Setting up a computer to utilize JDK
  • Create programs and learn various syntactical rules
  • Define and use Java classes and other object
  • Java constructors
  • Creation and manipulation of data types
  • Understanding of variable types
  • Understanding modifier types
  • Knowledge about operators and how to use them
  • Ways to loop data structures and objects
  • Number representation and manipulation
  • String creation, manipulation, and deletion
  • Array creation and manipulation
  • Java methods
  • Understand how to interact with the operating system to collect input and output data
  • Inner classing and why it’s helpful
  • Raise, catch, and work with exceptions within your Java application
  • Object orientation
  • Creation and manipulation of common data structures
  • Object serialization
  • Socket networking
  • Creation and interaction with multi thread applications
  • Understand how Java applets work and how to create and embed them