Office 365 Planner Essentials

The Easy Way To Manage Your Team, Right Inside Office 365

Instructor : Chip Reaves

Learn How to use Office 365 Planner to Organize Your Team in a Powerfully Simple Visual Format

The Planner tool in Office 365 is a powerful team management tool, providing features comparable to standalone project management apps but without the high price tag – in fact it’s included free with most Office 365 Business plans.

What does Planner do and how can teams use it to effectively delegate and manage tasks? In this “Uniquely Engaging” TM course from Bigger Brains we’ll look at the key features of Planner, including:

  • An overview of how Planner can manage your workload
  • Demonstrations of Plans, Cards, Buckets, and Labels
  • How Planner works with the Office 365 Groups app
  • Creating Tasks and Assigning them to others
  • Reviewing deadlines and progress with Charts and the Dashboard
  • Creating and managing Plans
  • The strengths and risks of this very new Planner tool, and what Microsoft is working to improve.

Updated in 2018, this course now includes new features such as multiple user assignment, planning board filters, and copying cards and plans.

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Discuss the relationship between Plans, Cards, Buckets, and Labels
  • Describe how Planner works with the Office 365 Groups app
  • Create Tasks and Assign them to others
  • Review deadlines and progress with Charts and the Dashboard

Course Length

Lessons : 5
Seat Time : 45 Minutes

Lessons Include:

01: Intro to Planner (8:43)
02: Working with Cards (12:46)
03: Working with Buckets (4:45)
04: Managing my Plans (10:43)
05: Planner Updates (8:21)

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