What’s New in PowerPoint 2019?

What You Need to Know About the New Release

Instructor : Kelly Vandever

Impress Your Peers with the Latest and Greatest Features of PowerPoint 2019!

Microsoft’s latest release of PowerPoint 2019 packs quite a punch. With 3D models and vector graphics, your presentations can be more professional and visually pleasing than ever before. The new Morph transition and Zoom features can turn a boring slideshow into a guided tour. Updates to the Recording features make it easier than ever to create and share recorded presentations. Last but not least, with added features for Translation, Dictation, and Accessibility, PowerPoint is now truly a tool for everyone.

Topics include:

  • Using the Morph Transition
  • Inserting and Modifying 3D Models and Vector Graphics
  • Using the Latest in Digital Ink
  • Adding the new Zoom feature to your presentations
  • Using the latest in Recording features
  • Recording Presentation for Sharing
  • Translating and Dictating
  • Updating Presentations for Accessibility

Objectives – You will be able to:

  • Describe what’s new and useful in the latest version of PowerPoint.
  • Use the Morph transition for more effective presentations.
  • Insert and modify 3D models including using the Morph transition to animate.
  • Insert and modify vector graphics.
  • Draw freehand with digital ink and modify drawn objects including converting drawings to text and shape objects and using the new digital ruler.
  • Use the new Zoom feature to create interactive navigation within your presentation.
  • Record a slideshow presentation with timing and narration for sharing.
  • Use the Translation, Dictation, and Accessibility features.

Course Length

Lessons : 11
Seat Time : 70 Minutes

Modules Include:
01: Morph Transition (5:55)
02: 3D Models (6:58)
03: Vector Graphics (5:06)
04: Updated Inking Part I (8:59)
05: Updated Inking Part II (4:37)
06: Several Small Updates (7:00)
07: Zoom (8:17)
08: Recording Part I (7:33)
09: Recording Part II (7:19)
10: Translation and Dictation (4:19)
11: Accessibility (4:02)

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